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Open Contacts



This glossary describes visual components of Open Contacts. For details of these components and other functions, please read other chapters.

Edit Contact Window

Edit Person

Edit Company

There are two types of Edit Contact Window, one for editing personal contacts, and the other for organizational contacts.
Initials Window

People's Initials

Companies' Initials

An Initials Window presents initials of existing contacts. There are two type of Initials Window, one for people, and the other for companies.
Categories Window

People Categories

Companies Categories

The window represents a categories tree predefined for either people or companies. To select a category, left-click on a node, and to select a categories and all its subcategories, right-click on it.
Contacts List Window

People List

Companies List

The window lists contacts which can be multi-selected. There are fore windows contain contact list: People List, Companies, Search Contacts window, Search Birthday window. Selected contacts of a focused window can be used for emailing or exporting.
Basic Fields Each record of contacts consists of 3-6 basic data fields, such as Full Name, Surname, Given Name, Middle Name, Title and Notes. The Full Name field is a mandatory field. A record of companies does not have Surname and Title etc.
Section Each record of contacts may contain 0 to unlimited number of sections which are created dynamically. Each section may include unlimited number of dynamic fields. Section names should be unique within a record.
Dynamic Field Dynamic field is created within a section. Fields with duplicated field name within a section are allowed, as long as they contain different field values.
Dynamic Field Name In an Edit Contact Window, you may key-in field name of a dynamic fields, or pickup one from the dropdown list of predefined fields.
Predefined Fields Predefined fields are for speedy inputs of frequently used fields. A predefined fields may or may not be associated with field type or field action.
Field Type Field type generally defines input constraints which may assist you to improve accuracy of data entry.
Field Action To make contact interact with Windows applications, field action define what action may be taken.
Commands Bar Commands bars contain links or buttons exist in different windows, such as main window and Edit Contact windows etc. And links and buttons of each command bar are for handling data within a particular window.
Action Button Action button is the button resist on the commands bar of the main window. The action button hosts one to several commands which are related current focused window and data. Thus, those commands will only be visible when related data are focused. The key command of the action button will generally be triggered by keyboard shortcut F9.
Floating Window While most windows are contained in the main window, certain functions are presented in floating windows which sit on the top.
Quick View window This window is a floating window showing current contact in readonly mode in a contact list window. 
Photo Viewer This floating window contains photo associated with current contact in a contact list window.