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Good typing skills enable you to type much faster than the fastest two-finger typists, while improving accuracy. With good typing skills you also avoid tiredness in the hands and the eyes.

Finger Position
When you type, each of the fingers has its own home key, where your fingers rest when not being used. These home keys are located on the home row, which is the middle row on the keyboard.

Put your left index finger on the F-key, left middle finger on the D-key and left ring finger and left little finger on the adjacent keys. Use one of your thumbs to press the space bar.

After this, put your right index finger on the J-key, middle finger on the K-key and so on. Keep your wrists straight and palms bent in a relaxed way. Your hands are now in the beginning position.

Press Enter with little finger.

Hit the keys gently with your finger tips. Always keep your fingers slightly touching the 'home' keys.  After pressing a key, return the finger to its home key before using other fingers.

Do not look at the keyboard while typing. Instead try and learn the location of the keys and the path of your finger with your mind.

If you use the Dvorak keyboard, or keyboard of another language, the locations of home keys may be different.


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