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File List

File / Dir Description
OpenContacts.exe Open Contacts' main executable file
Main.ini Store basic settings for launching the program
Fbclient.dll Firebird embedded server
icudt30.dll Lib used by Firebird
icuin30.dll Lib used by Firebird
msvcp71.dll Lib used by Firebird
msvcr71.dll Lib used by Firebird
gbak.exe Console program for backing up and restoring Firebird database file. This file is a component of Firebird project.
firebird.msg Firebird system  file
*.sql SQL scripts for upgrading the database
ActionPlugin Directory to store action plugin programs
UDF Default directory of UDF dll files used by Firebird. UDF must be with the Firebird server. In embedded mode, UDF is in the same dir with fbclient.dll.
Help Directory of HTML help files
Default.GDB Default database file
Demo.GDB Database file with demo data
Templates dir To store template files
Data dir To store database files. The data dir is the default location of the database files, if Main.ini does not specify absolute path of the database files.
Files dir Default directory for linked files of contacts

Note: Those files and directories marked in green color are located in the working directory.