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Command Line Parameters

Open Contacts generally locates file "main.ini" in the Start-in folder, which define parameters of the database that should be connected to. In addition, such parameters can pass to the program through command line parameters. This is handy for other programs to launch Open Contacts through command line, rather than COM.


Create or locate a working directory which contain address book database and other template files.

changedb DatabaseFilePathRelatedToServer

Define which database to use, the file path of the database is related to the database server. This is required to change database settings.

changesvr ServerName

Change database host. For embedded server, there's no need to define one.

changeuser UserName

Change logon user name of the database. There's no need to define one for embedded server.

changepwd Password

Change logon password

changedir Directory

Change current working directory. It is assumed that other files such the template files which OC needs to be here.


If you use Open Contacts in client/server mode. You might be concerned by the security of the persisted password. The password stored in file "main.ini" is not encrypted, and if you stored the INI file in the user profile area of the user in LUA mode, the INI file is secured and only accessible by current user, and system administrator. When you are going to launch Open Contacts with command line parameters, very likely you will create a desktop shortcuts to store the command line parameters, please make sure the shortcut is only accessible by current user.